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Elizabeth Warren Trolls Wells Fargo CEO Right Into Retirement

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Let’s just be clear, Sen. Elizabeth Warren fears no man. No banker. And especially no John Stumpf.

Late last month we highlighted her skewering (or perhaps “epic takedown” or “Eminem-ing” would be better terms) of then-Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf over a scandal involving the creation of so-called “phantom accounts.”

We also brought you the video clip.

Well, as you might have heard, old John retired on Wednesday saying that he “has decided it is best for the Company.”

Yes John, it probably is. But retirement isn’t all bad. Stumpf walks with a cool $135.4 million. Not too bad for someone who purportedly oversaw the creation of millions of fake accounts.

Well as you might imagine, Elizabeth Warren is beside herself. For your viewing pleasure, here is her latest tirade…


  1. The weasel is now in the famous stagecoach behind the galloping horses and they are headed to the safer games of the sports book operators in Las Vegas. Where is the posse?

  2. Yeah really, and if you go to some websites (which I won’t mention), they’ll be the same one’s dissing her and then blasting him… it’s like “wait… what?” LOL

  3. Senator Warren is simply a frustrated female imbecile bully, always has been, and probably always will be; she is not alone.
    But there is a 90% probability that she has a male family member, or friend of a friend, who, at some time during the past quarter century, hasn’t included some kind of locker room vocabulary in an all male conversation.
    This doesn’t make it wholly acceptable to anybody who considers themselves as puritanical as Ms Warren, but neither does it make it wholly unacceptable to the vast majority of the more down to earth common folk.
    I consider myself as a member of the majority of and consider most of her vitriolic rhetoric as mostly pooh pooh kaka drivel

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