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Warren On The Warpath: Calls For SEC Chair’s Head

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath and she ain’t taking no prisoners. Just days after essentially running (now former) Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf into retirement (albeit with a $135.4 million golden parachute), she’s at it again, and this time the target is SEC Chair Mary Jo White. In a series of Tweets, Warren… Keep Reading


Slow News Day: CNBC’s “Whiskey Notes”

Have you ever wondered whether the CNBC anchors are drunk? Figuratively, we mean – drunk on the Wall Street and Fed Kool-Aid for years and now drunk on the pervasive bearish narrative that’s become so en vogue it’s no longer even cool (i.e. you want to be a realist not a permabear)… Well today, apparently… Keep Reading


One Bank Says Expect Further USD Strength Dead Ahead

On Monday we showed you Citi’s August NFP dot plot and outlined the bank’s suggestion that Friday’s number could disappoint handily to the downside if history is any guide. Which, we also noted, would be just fine for the Fed as it would preserve still more “optionality” and effectively give them two months of breathing… Keep Reading

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