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Elizabeth Warren Trolls Wells Fargo CEO Right Into Retirement

Let’s just be clear, Sen. Elizabeth Warren fears no man. No banker. And especially no John Stumpf. Late last month we highlighted her skewering (or perhaps “epic takedown” or “Eminem-ing” would be better terms) of then-Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf over a scandal involving the creation of so-called “phantom accounts.” We also brought you the video… Keep Reading


Some Projections For Voter Satisfaction Following 2nd Debate…

If you watched last night’s presidential debate and didn’t start crying from either laughter or pity for the country then you should check your pulse. It was a veritable mudslinging, sideshow, circus act which  featured Trump weirdly stalking Clinton around the stage and Clinton asserting that every single thing Trump said was an outright lie.… Keep Reading


“Seriously How Big A Fraud Is This?”: Former HSBC Banker Defends Wells Fargo

Earlier this week, we brought you Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s epic takedown of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumph who presided over a scam that saw the bank create “phantom accounts” to boost their “cross-selling numbers.” Frankly, Warren’s criticism is virtually ironclad, but here to defend Wells Fargo is Priyank Gandhi, assistant professor of finance at the University… Keep Reading


Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Eminems” Wells Fargo CEO

Have you ever seen the movie “8 Mile” starring Eminem? Well, it’s about rappers. Which means some of you automatically won’t watch it. But it’s pretty good. As far as movies about rappers go. At the end there’s a series of “rap-offs” or “battles” as it were, where two contestants compete to see who can… Keep Reading


Slow News Day: CNBC’s “Whiskey Notes”

Have you ever wondered whether the CNBC anchors are drunk? Figuratively, we mean – drunk on the Wall Street and Fed Kool-Aid for years and now drunk on the pervasive bearish narrative that’s become so en vogue it’s no longer even cool (i.e. you want to be a realist not a permabear)… Well today, apparently… Keep Reading

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