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A “Bad Day” Looms For Popular Hedgies

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What did we say last week in our popular post “Bridgewater Thanks You For Your Service, But They’ll Be ‘Renovating’ You Soon“?

Don’t remember? That’s ok, we’ll remind you:

“Oh, and get this all wrapped neat and tight before cross asset correlation relegates risk-parity to annals of hedge fund history.”

Yeah, well check this out, from Goldman:

“The bond sell-off since last week illustrates this: equity/bond correlations have increased sharply (Exhibit 4). This likely led to a day of very poor returns for traditional balanced funds and risk parity portfolios: the latter have likely suffered more, as the significant decline in equity volatility over the summer has likely led to increased equity allocations. Exhibit 4, which shows daily returns of a simple risk parity portfolio (using 3-month volatility to scale weights), suggests that they would have had a similarly bad day recently to during the ‘taper tantrum’, ‘Bund tantrum’ and the two China/commodities drawdowns (August 2015, December 2015). Performance pressures in the event of a pick-up in volatility and correlations could drive more de-risking from risk parity investors and vol target funds.”


(Charts: Goldman)

Ummm, yeah. We’ve been warning about this for how long now?


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